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♡ ~Friends mode~ ♡

This is a simi-Friends only journal! Please feel free to comment to be added. Thank you.
I have not posted, read, checked LiveJournal in what looks like 2 years. That is a crazy thought seeing that I use to live on this site. I have a permanent site thus all of my high school and early collage ramblings will be here for the embarrassment of the internet.

I should get back to work...

Two-Step Flow Theory

In my Media & Society class this week, I am going to talk about the Two-Step Flow Theory. That is where one person high up deems a topic interesting and then adds their own perspective on the subject based on their own values and beliefs. Then proceed on passing the information to other followers. It is like putting your own twist on something then passing it to others around you. Almost like a form of the child's game telephone.
I think this theory can be seen all over media from news to fashion. Fashion leaders take what they see adjust it to would with their stile then pass it on the general public who may not be as fashion forward.


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My Happy Witch!

Happy Witch lit! <3

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

Out of the 5 senses I wouldn't want to give up any. They all have equal importance in my everyday life. It would just be unbearable. It would be sad but taste would be the only one that I could posable handle living without.

Writer's Block: Fairest one of all

What is something you would never want to change about yourself?

The most important thing I would't want to change about myself would be me as who I am what I think and such. On a superficial level there is like only one thing I would change so I am pretty content with myself! I would be ok with not changing me ever! <3

Norton Zombie?

This just popped up on my screen! o.O;;
If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

I think I wouls start screaming at the top of my lungs. Than commly ask them why was it so bad.

There's A Place For Us

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

I would want to go, but I fear that I wouldn't. I get sick feeling the few min. it take an airplane to go up and down.


Painting toes

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