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I did it!!I did It!

I really truely did it! I did it! All of my Engish homework is done. Some of the packing has began. My English teacher is nice and all but who ever mad this CD for English SHOULD BE SHOT! The commas section was alfull; it took me FOREVER to do. All i have left is to finish packing. I seem to be running in to a problem. My sutecase is to small!! I can't fit everything in it. I want to use the bigger one, but I'm afraid that with everyones sutecases it might not fit.*signs* I'm all nice a Clean! <3 Well, I'm going to bed now. <3

"To discover what one loves, one must dream a little."- it was on my Writer's Resoures CD. I really like it. ~night~


Painting toes