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Thoughts of a misplaced

What to do. I’m stresses out I’m getting an ‘F’ in two of my classes. I can’t get my transcript to take any more classes. I’m no were even close to a degree of any kind. I’m 22 most people are finishing up there AA’s or what ever degree they are getting. I’m still 1st or maybe if I’m luck with my transcript 2nd year standings. No were near anything. I’m not sure what I want. It would be cool to do something with everything I like. I would like to maybe major in graphic design, and do a double minor in Japanese language and history. That sounds really nice but there is no place that they both are in the same location. I found one place in Utah that I could major in Japanese and minor in graphics, Brigham Young University, It is in UTAH!!!!!!! _._ *rolls on the floor* -.- Then I was thinking that maybe I should stay at SFCC and try a do an on line class. But the more I think about it as I type this less it sounds good. Nothing sounds like it will work. I can’t seam to make anything work. I plain things they always fall though with out fail. The little things the big things. My life is leading no were. Not that it can lead any were with Antioch and Santa Fe at arms with me. I can’t even finish a simple task of hanging my cloths. I can’t even bring my self to post. Though it feels like I have no time but I have lots I’m not sure were it all goes. I’m not sleeping it off though I wish I was. There are no video games since the hamster Caop decided that my PSP2 cord was something worth chewing on, and he chewed strait though the sound wire. I tried fixing it so now the sound scratches. So Annoying!! Oh and my desk top finally hit the dust. I tried to reboot it and the 1st CD worked but when I went to put the windows XP in the computer won’t recognize the CD. I think it is trying to say ‘I’m dead leave me be’. I’m getting off topic I think I should head to bed.


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