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^_^ I was in a good mood!

AWA! I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!! ;.; Only 4 hours of sleep!!!!!! Anyways, AWA was ok. It was great to get to see KATHA! Kit and I meet this girl in the cosplay contest thing. She was really nice and great at making costumes. ^^ I have so much homework. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! *stabs herself* -AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I can't beleave I for got to turn in my work after class I told my Math teacher I would run it by her office because I forgot it at home. *Hits head on desk* MY PERFACT HOMEWORK GRADE!! I have 10 millon WebCT things to do! The weather was nice today! My family dislikes me for some reason. They act like I'm not even here. I make a Quiz, http://www.friendtest.com/viewquiz.php?account=doriayano . While I was gone My brother was on my computer, and they let the cats in my room without watching them and now my thing are broke. I have to do my home work now never sleeps again...


Painting toes