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Lazy roll

I did it again got up at 4:30 pm. The day was hafe way gone. It looked like a nice one, too. I had the oddiest dream. I don't remeber let alone think I dream alot of the time, but it was a bit creep. I heard asounds by my head and kind of woke up then I more or less when back to bed with this goign though my head. It was like I was watchign a movie. There was thsi girl that had to transeform in to human form to play with a gourp of kids that lived in this reallt tall laved apartment complex. It was all dect out in holiday cheer. She meet an old lady that said she could make her all humen. Then it jumps to were, her goup of friends came to get her from this old town. One sceen I can remeber really well was they were hiding in a old house that looked empty then it came alive with peaple. there were hiding under a table then someone was playing chess in front of them, then all of a soden the old lady comes in looking for the girl she wante part of her orgens. The kids try and hold there breathing.. then I woke up. it was very creepy and erie feeling.

On a less weird note or maybe more, instead of raindeer there was a cow randomly walkind round outside in my area. LoL

I'm doing good... my back hurts everyonce in awhile expeasly when I stay sit up alot or move to much. lol I feel like an old lady sometimes hehe. Anyways, i have to go back to the cyroprater(sp) tomarrow. Whitch i'm not looking forward to much. Oh well! hehe.

Well, I have 400 words to add to a paper for tueday. ^^ Talk to you all later!


Painting toes