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I think I got a small cold from frenken Darrrell... *coughs* Why is it that everytime I get hungry for something it is gone!!! My Day so far has been like the weather. My ballet teacher should be hit by a fast moving car. I was like I really can't do that it hurts a bit and she was like well then you should try anyways or do it this way."What you can't do jumps! Oh my you can't portabra forwards or back then you have to do it to the side. Oh, why are you wearing a white leatard then why is your hair in pigtails. Oh, dances is something the requires deadication. I don't think you should return to a dance class until you have time to devote what is needed." I really just wanted to go your a bad teacher that is why I did not want to go to class, You make it boring. I like ballet because it is the same everywear, and UNLESS IT IS CLASSICAL BALLET should not be danced to, when peaple are new and trying to get the whole beat count.(*&#!@)&#*@^$@)! I have so much history to study that just from the review, i.e. a list he gave out, my head hurts. Not that it matters anyways I still have that stupid paper due. Oh well...


Painting toes