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I'm sleeeepy all the time!! I sleeped until around 6pm and now I'm sleepy again. Anyways, on another note, I desided to clean my desk out and put in an nice order for it to get missed up later. I found a dvd burnt CD and waned to see what it was. I couldn't beleave it. It was the trip to the text tile musume and Shimabara!! Okies a vast amount of you have no clue what u'm tlaking about but it was from this summer. Oh, it was great to see it again. lol Memory lane. Hehe, did you ever get to see it ELL, your in it alot. Oh yes, and many faces i wish i would forget...i.e. Boggit sensai... there is alot of him even to mush for me. It was great to see!!


Painting toes