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Life is just fricken Peachie.

The world is ageinst me in every effort!! I GIVE UP!!!! No enjoying anything!! Heaven for bid!!! It is not like i get much enjoyment out of anything this days! If I do they somehow end up with cars hit me, me having to leave! I don't do anything really fun for about a couple of months and then I have a good day, and then I'm ripped from enjoyment to sit alone in a house with a Crazy person! I'm SOOOOO` tired of being shot from the sky that I dont ever want to be there anymore. I don't ever leave this house and then when I do, I just can't be lefted be. He was fucking sick yesterday why din't they jsut take him to the doc. THEN!!! it is not liek i was doing anything. Noo, they have to wait for the one fucking day I was out. Oh and here is the kicker if he was so fucking sick then why is he driving!! HUH!!! he could have went to the Do.c ALONE! He makes mom go alone! Had to rain on my strawberry shortcake!!!

I give up! I have had it up passed the line!!!


Painting toes