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Order of the Phoenix

I'm not going to put this under cut because I'm sure if people we going to read it most likely have already read it or most likely are not going to!

One: It was not as cheerful as I had hoped but I knew that. I think after about a third of the book is done it gets back to the normal Potter expenses.

Two: Sirius!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!! What the hell was J. K. Rowling thinking!! I knew he was to die in this book but I though it would have been in an, I don't know jumps in front of Harry saving life die!!! NOT what happened!!!

Three: I love the ending to this book!!! Not the whole ending just like the last three pages or so. I think it is my favorite and from what I can tell I will be the only ending to these books that is any good. Maybe the 7th will change my mind but I'm skeptical on that.

Four: I Heart Dumbledore!!!! He is always been my favorite char. and he proved it full heartedly in this book to still be my favorite.

~ I'm really sad because... I would like to keep reading because I ultra-love to read, but don't want to read The Half-Blood Prince I have been doing some reading with Spoilers in it and.... on top of DUMBLEDORE dieing. *starts to cry* Lot of other thing happen that to me make think that 5th book that everyone says is really dark look like a blue sunny sky.

~ ((the 6th book is starting me down)) *hides it under some cloths*

~ Oh and the Spoilers that maybe in the 7th book... OMG. I might be best if I and though who have not read all of the books so far stop at the 5th book. It makes a good ending.

*dies* things are curl


Feb. 13th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)
Don't worry I have saved an ear full for you! I love talking about the books I've read! ^-^ Because I like to see how much I absorbed. hehe ^-^ Plus, not many people lisson to me or even act interessed, hehe.


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