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I can't stop my self...

and yet there is nooooo more. I have to wait. Why can't I just know all countrys speach. I wouldn't have to wait for someone to translatite for me!!!

I WANT TO Watch more GOOOOOONGGGGG!!!!!! It is soo uber cute!!!! It was jsut geting good and now I wait is it slike a candy bar and you only get hafe. Sence all I have seen is 1-14 and ther is 24 episodes I figer that is hafe. ;.;
*pout face*

I'm sure they are bissy not everyone gets to live a boring existance. .

It is like 8 am already. My neck and back have already cramped up and all.

I perfere the world to watch thought some shows.

I love fairy tale bassed storys i can't help it.

Anyways, eheh ^^; I guesss I'll go!


Painting toes