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If my Life was a JDrama!!!

A News/Arashi/Kanjani8 J-Dorama co-starring Tackey and Tsubasa or Kinki Kids by Nishikido_Ko
Your Dorama is Based Around:A J-Pop Production Company
You're Late to Work Again. Your Boss is:
You Tell Him You were Late Because:Your Alarm Didn't Go Off.
Your Co-worker is Sympathetic. He is:
A Certain Teenager Drops By Unexpectedly. He is:
He's Here Because:You're Not Sure - He Has a Different Excuse Every Time
Another Co-worker Severely Dislikes Him. He is:
In the Climax of the Dorama:You Discover You are Dying
In the Finale You:Agree to Date Your First Co-worker
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*dance!!!* JUUUNNNNNN♡♡♡
1st dateing then marrage!I maybe dieing but nothing love cant conuer and lots of doc.s


Painting toes