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Today me and mom were going to play RO together and do some hunting and just relaz and have fun. NOOOOOOO Micheall has to still a pair of earrings from Jacpennys See he mised the buss today so mom said he was nto staying home he was to take the cirry buss will in the hour of waiting for the bus to come at te mall he desided to steel. I was in formed on why he was late was b/c he was rating at my mom about me because he lissoned in to my phne call with Lut yesterday when I was Pissed off on having to babysit is 16 year old fucking ass becauseLast time he was a lone he Tried to kill him self so to me that shows that he is even less resposable them Robbie who mind you is 7!! Oh and when I cought him lissonign in HE lied and said he wasn't!!! WHAT THE hate I can tell If i hear myself that shows that some one is lissonign it DUH! Is so such and Stupid person. Oh and Dad today is sucha an assHole he has no though for anything but him. Here mom is sick not feelign well and he is ranting that mike sole his keys and lost them. But mike sole them to get hte gun like 3 week or 3 months ago. Mom was trying to say that and he would not lisson to a thing and I was like Hey Old man. Mike could not have taken them we went though his whole room already and your must have just missplaced them or they got moved but noo way would he heven beleave that any of that was truen then he told me to shut up. I did for a moven them yelled insted of yelling at her why don't you stop and see that she is hurting and giver her Love insted of worrying abotu somethign that is so mertilistic that can be rplaced! Be cuase she can't! *he had already slamed the door to his room. What a baby. The in the middle od righting this he and mom were yellin the front room and I resaid what I said again with the added You yell about the same thing and as if that was helling how abut you be the man a for get about the stupid thing Mike has stole becuse he is not the only one but he is the olny one that is yelling about it. Well he when out the door b/c he was on his way to get Mike for Juv. And yelled back to the house that I have 2 week like Darrel. I'm assuming that means You have two week to get out. How fucking nice!!!! What ans Asss hole I'm the only one that even see wht they are doing to mom and he is not doing a dam thing to stop it Becuse he is one of the bigist peaple! What type of house is this ! is is going back to what it was I though we had moved out of that state! I leve for a year and 4years of work goes down the dran!!! This house was spose to be a new start, not a part to of the old ways contuned. But it is worries becuse my mom is so sick i'm aried that this will killer and she is the most important thing is this whole hell hole of a house.I really hate this I don't want to go though it again. It is soo awwful. and on top of it all I have this stupid girl what want to Ague with me. I"M NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL any more.

if you were me would you have said hi, you had 3 girls with there arms linked around each other giggling and covering you up, I just want you to know that I think that was very rude and childish of you, I wanted to say hi to you, but how could I when you were acting like that. the reason why i didnt stay in touch with anyone from high school is because when my brother was in a coma i moved to jacksonville!!! now i'm back in gainesville, are you happy. and no i didnt "seek you out on myspace" I just happend to see your profile and rememered how rude you and your friends were last week. i'm sorry that i'm some lowly "check out girl", at least im not a child who makes fun of people to there face and lies about it, like i said before you were 2 feet away from me and i'm not deaf!!!

If I was you we would not be having this problem. Yes, I would have said ‘Hi’ or if the person were trying to hide I think I would have picked up on the social cues that maybe they just didn’t want to talk to me and left it at that. It really is not a very big deal as the way I see it. You could have said ‘hi’ if you really wanted to unless you are scared of a rather small group of people. About you moving to Jacksonville and your brother, I’m sorry that is a bad situation and you had to go though it, but that has no relevance to me not saying hi to you. To be truthful I really doubt even if you did not have the situation and had stayed in Gainesville after High School, that we would have keep in touch anyways. We are not very compatible people. I have no clue were you get that you are quote “some lowly ‘checkout girl’” I was just saying that YOU are the clerk at Publix, are you not, and I was miss informed because that is wear all this is started. Though girls are you so put don’t even know who you are. That is all I was trying to get though to you. You’re just another person like everone else in the world. You know you call me a child in this a little excessively, but did it cross your mind at any point that what you are doing at this point to equally childish. Do you like repeating yourself or something because I never said you were deaf and I sill have no clue what you are talking about, but you will always have your perspective. You can take what happened weeks ago anyway you like because there is nothing to do about it what happened, happened. It is done, over with and 100% in the past. I’m not sure what you wanted to get out of Myspace mailing me like this but I hope you got what ever it is you wanted. I will not be returning anymore of your responses. I hope that you have a great time doing what ever you do and I will do the same. I was very odd talking to you and I wish you the best.


((that is done and over with))


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Mar. 29th, 2006 09:57 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry Emmaly. When it rains it pours. I hope everything gets better for you. We really should get together soon. You need a breather. I will always be there for you, just know that. It saddens me to hear that bad things happen to you. *hug* When are you free next?

Also, I think you handled the situation with that girl wonderfully. I am glad that you said what you did too because it really doesn't need to span out like this. What does she expect? Honestly!

Anyway, I will talk to you later.

Mar. 30th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)
It is ok I shbe use to 'my house' by now. Thanks though, Your always a BIG help. Oh I get a breather I get to go to the teeth Doc tomarrow. YOu coming right?

Thanks I'm really glad to hear that you think I did well by that situation. I reall just waned to flar her but refaind as much as I could. LOL I agree nothing good was to come out of it at all.

YOu know you really want to watch 宫(goong)!
Mar. 31st, 2006 07:53 am (UTC)
Yep and I came with you! I will try to make all of those dentist appointments with you! ^_^

lol. Goong ^^, huh? I will see it! I will see it because I need that high school soap dosage! I also need to watch more of kimi wo petto!
Mar. 31st, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC)

this is goong! lol Ya, kimi wo petto!! Then there is always Hana Yori Dango!! lol so many!
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