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one of the worse side of me.

Before dusk today... my mom's bran new Montana was recked...by Darrell... but it gets worries... the guy he colided with was a motercyclest... I'm not sure how that guy is but I hurt he flew enouht to brack the car front window. Mom said he could move his feet so that was good but if soemthing goes wrong... Darrel could go to jail for manslotter... Everyone says that it is not his falt and I can beleave it sence Dad was right behind the morterist when it happoned. But I feel it could have been avoided with just paysites and cottion. See some car was in the intersetion in front of my housing place blocking Darrell's veiw to the road to cross it. ((though I don't know how a P.T.Crouser is taller them moms Montana)) So he went though the three lain road with out knowing it jsut i guess looked clear.... but up then te crash.. then the invesagater came and would not take down anyones statements and cancled the normal responce ploice...

I feel awful all i can think about its the fact that I was right and that Darrel reckes everything!! I worked mt but off sucking up so I could drive my Dad's car this weekend because I feel it would just bee easier to use both front doors... but I did the dished clean the house had to take drive test to be approved! (mind you Darrel did not have to do that to drive the cars)) NOW I can'!! Because he had to be so stupit and reck Mom's Brand neew car!!! I can't say a dame thign about how is feel because I love my mom two much. She is all broken up as is. Though everyone says it is not Darrels falt mom is still sad about her new car is is 40 something and the is the 1st new car she has ever owned. She was so prode of it... then it is gone. It is not even payed offf.. ><

Maybe I'm just being selfish. I am... I just kind of jsut want a noral unstreeful, not really eventful, living home...I don't know I'm all confused and tired and jsut everything. Kind of hating my self and other's in my house.

I might post again later...


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