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Karaoke Korean Stile o.O;

Around late tonight/today Lut, Kit, Ellson, and I advetered out to this Karaoke place with private rooms. It was lots of fun! The music was really loud we has to screams but all and all it gets 'o^^o' two thumbs up!

I have a confection to make….
…. i .. want to be and an idle singer/pop star. *^^*
(really sucks at singing among other things, ~dreams~)

okies, I need to got ice down my thruoght and ead to bed!Night!!


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May. 28th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)
I know! I had so much fun too, even though we had to scream a lot to be heard over the speakers! ;-; We should Karaoke again soon ((bring snacks and a sweater))! Karaoke is always is and will be fun! ^_^ You should be an idol! It's so freeing and fun! I am obsessed with Yamapi.... I am watching the dorama movie called stand up. @_@ Very strange!
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