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i'm not ment to make Cospay...

I was cuting out the patters all nice and seeing how thye went before I embarcked on the cloth. I went to move the cup cakes and they wentall over the patton. Then last night I descover that the dress HAS 3 layers!! >.< I can't figer how this patton comes together it is liek in another way for talking. There is to may peaple at my house! I can't get help from my mom because she is all depressed about something i'm not sure she won't talk. When I get her help EVERONE calls on her. I'm not doing it any more. It is not going to work right I reather not try. I want everything to go back to normal. I want everyone out of here! I want all the cluder to go to the road. I don't want my mom depressed any more. I want her to be her normal self. I don't know were to start. there is so much to do. I started the appication for studing abraod... i'm jsut goign to miss everything up.


Painting toes