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New Year’s Resolution!!! Read when drunk

Last year I didn’t write anything to toss in the New Year!
A brief report of this year in is lasting moments: Extreme highs, extreme lows, travels, turned a quarter of a century old, loneliness and worry. This sounds like a bit of a weather report sounding. All and all I would say it was one of my rather not so good years. That is why I’m celebrating the last 30 min of this crummy year! May this New Year at least smirk happily my way!
The time for the good old things to do or improve on list! That I will forget in an hour or so!

1.Write Arina Tanemura a letter!
2.Clean my room! I can no longer live in it! Sits on the only clean spot, the bed.
3.Do something with MY LIFE! This one will be hard
4.Fix my School loans.




Painting toes