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Color Threoy Final Project! ♥

For my Color Threoy final project I had to composing a 6-panel sequential narrative (like a comic book)using color as a primary storytelling device, to help illustrate the mood and tone of the action. Each panel had to be in complimentary color scheme, an analogous scheme, monochromatic scheme, achromatic scheme (black, white and grays), triadic scheme, and split complimentary scheme. After trying to do it using water color I gave up and started using Photoshop. Five attemts and 7 hours later it was looking like Robbie finger panted it for me. Then I desided to go back to my first idea of a silhouetted story. I down loading a but of brushes did had to do alot of editing on the brushes but it turned out lovely. I did the boy and his ballon first then the girl. The girls story is the one I turned in.

Meeting at Sunrise

They both have the same title. Oh no... I was feeling really confident about the assignment until I read that I had to use different palettes for each panel and include each of the color harmony schemes. I use black on all panels... *sighs* How could I have over looked that part.


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Jun. 16th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
oh no, it's REALLY super cute tho! Maybe she will not care about the black? It's just a shade anyway, not a hue (though...I don't personally feel that way and I hate when art teachers tell me that -_-). Anyway! I think they are both really awesome!
Jun. 17th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
Awww, Thank You, kit! You where right he didn't care! He said "This is outstanding. A very well-conceived and elegant solution to this exercise. Portfolio-quality work."
I feel really happy when I get great comments.
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