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the stairway to confustion.

The event of this weekened started friday night and was prolonges to tuesday afternoon. Ohio was very lovely and beautiful place, and at Antioch there was really nice and cool old buildings. Yellow Springs is a realy cute little town and there is a park with water falls, hills, and trees; It is so cool! The peaple were realyl nice and freindly. Hehe, I got to meet Abel, He is so cool! hehe It was great to spend time with Katha!
To some up the bad points: Lost glasses, have a lot to think about in less them 3 days, ran in to a wall (ok, i like it is funny, but it did hurt), and not geting to bath or changes cloths on the way back b/c plane late = missed conneting fight + no other fights out = stuck in Alanta with no suitcases.

My SAIKANO Poster came in the mail! *dances* And A Lot of Milk CROWN!! 3 super cute post careds a bag, and a really cute clear poster! *hugges it all*


Painting toes