August 31st, 2003

Painting toes

My eyes are bleeding!

I tried to clean my room and shortly about 4 hours latter. I realizes that I was way over my head that I have way to much stuff. Of course I was cleaning my room, so I would not have to face writing my essay for English. hehe ^^ It has just come to me, that wsm in about two or three years will not be all in one location. This is a said thing to think about.*starts to cry*
~changes mind frame~
Everone knows that Chiaki is the Greatist.!!
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Painting toes

*goes Crazy*

YAHOOOOOOOO! lol I started working on my essay and it is going well.! *heart, heart* I have been doing research on some college that have any form of Computer graphics. It looks like Platt College in Colorado or International Academy of Design & Technology in Orlando is the best that I can find. I still have to get more info. Everyone Missed it My babies were sleeping side bye side it was so cute. *huggles them to piece* hehe

LJ Barcode
LJ username:

I got a Barcode *dances* hehehe! I got a Bar Code!
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Painting toes

Oh Ya !! Guess what!!!!!

Your never going to beleave this!
I got an E-mail!
I know, I know. Your asking yourself "What is so special about an E-mail, you get them all the time!" Well, this E-mail happen to be from a very intresting sagittarius!
Can you Guess who it is?
umm.. Billy!

Right answer! *heart heart* It was quite a long letter, well for him to write!
o/'*sings* Oh happy days, Oh hapy days
Flys arond the room. <3<3
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