September 8th, 2003

Painting toes

34hours and 30 min. and still going STRONG!!

This happen and the point of sleep was slowly broght down, untell sleep was not the goal of it at all. The yawns are becoming more there, then they were before. Oh The GREAT NEWS banner, the TV that is in my room that held no perpose but to look nice now has a perpose! I fond the cord to set up the PS.!!! *thoughs paper and cloths in the air*
The state of mind and body is:
* A tub of sand for a thoat.
* A sideways fosit for a nose.
* Ears that have just been ran over.
* The feeling of not wanting to sleep, but needing to!
That is about all I can think of now. Rachel and I had a wonderful chat over AIMS yesterday about are favorite shows. I will post it tomarrow. Everyone will sure love it. ^^ i'm going off to slave my mind(that is not working at this moment right)away on Parts of speech. *signs*
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