October 6th, 2003

Painting toes

What a Day and it is only 7 pm.

I got to math today and class did not start untell 11:30. That was good a like 20 min class, yeah! My English teacher is great, but like every teacher her biggist down fall is that she LOVES to give the class lots of homework. Who ever though giving studients homework was good; they needed to be shot.:p For some wierd reason my mom and dad are obssed with making beakfast foods for dinner. What have I had to eat all day, you ask! BEAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls over* As you can see, I'm writing in my LJ and not doing my homework like I should be doing. haha I know i'm so bad. haha lol. Did I ever tell you that I really don't like English. I don't like Math to much eather. *yawns* I'm already sleepy. Six more hours and so much Homework. ~LJ~ Then why are you here?~ See I'm PROCRASTANATING. (I think that is speeled right, Who cares it's my LJ)hehe. ^^ *sinks down in chair* I will go and do my Homework now. *sighs*
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Painting toes

~LJ~ what are you doing back?~

I'm not sure. Missed me? hehe...I'm in a really talkive mood. I wonder if I'm going to get a call from Billy. Hahaha That would be funny if he called me. I"M NOT GETING ON NEXUS! *rebells* Oh ya I got this really cute PJ they are Hello Kitty. OH y god. Rach, Laura and I got these really cute like school uniform dresses from Target. The thing is they were in the little girls section and we fit in them. ^^ WAII WAII.

Yesterdays Quote= (some guide(a guy)on Nexus said to this guy he was guiding)
Guy: can i go
Guide: "Yeah, I haven't handcuffed you yet."
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