October 10th, 2003

Painting toes

<3 <3 GANKI Desu!!

Today started with the headace from hell.!. I when to classes even though I wanted to stay home. After Raymonds math class, we sat outside P building and talked untell she became obessed with this guy(he was ok looking ^^)and she would go crazy every time she saw someone wearing jeans(90% of the population). Then Rach, L, and Me when to that mall. Wee FUn!! WE all most made ELL late for her really cool orchestra thing. Things all good.! I got to hange out with Billy on webcam.! It was nice to see he again. AWW What a cute smile he has. <3 Anyways, He went to the pool hall and everyone else was not on line, so I read Zodiac P.I. then got really inspered to clean my room. No really it is all nice and neat. How long is it going to last... most likely not very long. ^^ lol. Well, after all that cleaning I need a Shower, badly!! ^^ lol
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    Pat Benater - Love is a Battlefield