October 26th, 2003

Painting toes

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This weekend was lots of fun! Halloween Horror night was fun not really that scary. I drove to Orlando and back. ^.^ (with kittys guidince)hehe... It was great! the next morning we all rounded up and went to Epcot. It was really cool! Japan was nice. The shop had a lot of the things that was really in japan. lol Anyways. It was fun. THANKS LAURA!! And everyone that came. hehe.

Right now... I'm feeling emotionaly ill and really ill at the sametime. I love hear my mom saying she was getting red of my cats tomarrow... not to mentchon my tummy hurts...

I have lot of HW to do Commas & Semi Colons for English and 2 math evaluats. I also have to clean my room...
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