November 10th, 2003

Painting toes

oh bitter sweet... whys!

Why are we in SCHOOL!!!!!!!! I don't want to be here. Why do we have to go to school today. I got up this morning, and my brothers laught at me because i have to go to school. They were like ' you have school today, hahahah'. Don't they just think they are so cool. *stabs them in ther sleep* ((now who has the laugh))
Hiiiihooooo i'm off in math
Hiiihooo i'm siting here of what a joke
' don't you wish you were me
Hiiihooo next i'm of to writing i go
Hiiiiihooooo to fail my Icp again!
' Hiiihooooo

*everyone claps*
thanks you very much ^.^
' (\(\
' (.._)
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