December 7th, 2003

Painting toes

what, why. Why ME

I’m sad and I can't help it I’m sad for me, I’m sad of you I’m sad for the world. I'm sad because of you, and because of my self. I'm sad the world is not as nice as it should be. That people are too different to see eye to eye. That Love can't conquer everything. And that things are not easy to do. I use to thing, well, maybe I still do, that things happens for a reason, even if I can't see the reason in the hear and now. I .. just wish that .. it was easier. I guess if things were easier i would have nothing to talk about. The hardies thing is to come to terms with things when you don't want to. It is much healthier when you do. I though it was special. I felt really wanted and loved. I didn't think that is was fake and sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but that, is like 20% out of 100%. Perhaps, I’m just thinking too much into it all. I really hate it want to ask so many Questions and I can't they will just get avoided and neglected just like me.-.- I want it all to end. I ... lost. Now that my train of though was messed up my Rach and Laura. *Walks Rach and Laura in the head* CAN"T I JUST Type! meanies.:P *POINTS Finger at them* EVIL!!!!! *bleeds* now all of my though are missed up. *sighs*
Well, I guess that, I should get to doing my Homework.
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