January 22nd, 2004

Painting toes


You beast are as old as me now! HAHAHAH. ELLieewwiieee!
HAPPY Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to EL, Happy Birthday to you!

I know toy have not seen me posting for a long time that is not by my choose. Well, I had some time befor class, so here I am! Arn't you glad to see me! tehehe. I have way to much to catch up on.! STOP POSTING EVERYONE ;.; i'm never going to catch up. It is like HW when you get behind there is no way you can catch up from were you are! *sighs* I never though i would say that i'm having major internet with daw. I miss Nexus and Ims and Even LJ.(you can never quote me on that!) The Library is really cold today.! I'm not really a Library kind of girl, But hey there is a working internet so it is all good!. :P I better be off to my math class! hehehehe ELLLL you have an hour and 30 min to get up before nock on your door! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *goes crazy*

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