January 26th, 2004

Painting toes

What one does in the day

I have to retype the post all over again. I was not meant to make long posts! Okies, I’m not going to try and go back for like 3 weeks and catch up on LJ post, so I apologize to though that I would have posted a committed on and to though I would not but maybe could have.

Well, Me and Laura watched the rest of Hikaru no go. They are so mean! How could they just drop it like that! There should have been many eps. after that. $#%&%&^*^*#@!@ *sighs* mean people! And Sai did not have a talking part he just look sad, smiled, looked to the sky, and gave Haikaru his fan.

I got one hour of sleep so far today b/c me an Laura-san was playing Go! Collapse )

Off to my mathie classie wassie!
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Painting toes

sweet sounds of rain! <3

I'm over joyed that it's raining right now!*the rain stops* _._

I have had a rather uppity day. We have a vacuum now. Now, don't everyone jump at once. I cooked everyone stakie to night! This was the 1st time cooking stakie with out my mom. Actually, never mind this was my first time in genial. Let me tell you meat is really gross when not cooked!

*signs* I hope it rains some more. I think I’m going to head off to bed, or maybe play .hack or watch Haibane-Renmei again! ^_^ Maybe I could even take a bath. *puts fist in the air* I'm not doing my Hw to night it can wait!
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    rain?.. maybe please!