January 29th, 2004

Painting toes

YOU ALL LOVE Strawberry Pocky! and can't have any b/c i'm not sharing!!! :P

Oh my heavens I have strawberry pocky and Haiban-Renmei! Oh ya. The 1st vol. of Fruit Basket came out! I'm kind of scared to read it what if there is a dude in there ;.; I hope it is like Pita-ten. There as only one dude and it is hard to find. Well, the rummers going around that I locked the keys in the car, is sad but true. Now it was just a simple miss hap. Changes the topic.! I have Glasses! I'm not going to loses this if I can. I might lock them in the car but that is ok. ^__^

AHHHHHHH I have my 1st math test today! i know i'm going to do bad on it. I realy am not good at math. I us to think that i was not good but I was not bad. In dance yesterday, I wanted to chop my toe off. I have a gentle toe.

Anywayz. I have a head-ace and I have to go and shower.
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