February 1st, 2004

Painting toes

~headline nem~

I finished the 1st .hack game and all of the side quest, too. Well, I didinot do the last tag game, but i can go back.! It was good! I compleated something!. Now as for yesterday: I went to bed early. I missed out on the stake-in-shake event, but i'm not to worried about that! ^_^ A friend form High school, Chance, called me today. It is nice to talk to peaple from HS. *yawns* i'm really sleepy* I did not go to my english class friday nor did i do my paper. i must do them tomarrow! *nods* I have to get my act in to shape! This is not exeptable. Not one bit! *sighs* i wish i could hear from billy some time soon. I'm srating to really miss him. *looks down* What am I thing it will get better!! ^-^ I just have to wait and see and if it doesn't then it was not ment to be and move on. I'm really glad that i have glasses now. It is great I can sit at my computer and play on the PS2 at the sametime! :p I should be off to bed. i have a big day tomarrow:

[]wash cloths
[]do report
[]do journal essay
[]get folders in order
[]go shopping for food

Ah. it looks like so much. I'm sure i can get it done. Anywayz night!
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