February 9th, 2004

Painting toes

Cheese salsa and chips!!!

Umm! ~munch~crunch~ Food for thought! Well, not really though because one would have to have a though. I don't have one right at this monet. I'm to buzzy with my eyes glued to this great Icon! It is so pretty and the effect.. Sugoi rykuth made it! SEE SEE *everyone looks*

WOO AHHH I agree!! *stares at it more*

You have Homework
Pushed the though from my mind
You have Homework
I can do it latter!
You have Homework
But..... I... I.. am posting in my LJ.
You must do your Homework
*runs and hides from it*
I will do it after I post :p

Ah, ^^ It was so cold today. I went to Wal*mart and got Chise socks today! They are prefect! ^_^ I"m having such a hard time finding a girls white button up collared shirt! Ah... I will try the mall tomorrow.!! Yes! I will find one! ^_^ About 3 1/2 mouths left.!!! Yes, it is a lot of time but I will come down with a case of perocrationitice. ^_^ It's best to get a head!

What a cool Icon!! *is still watching it* A whole day of excitement.

Well, off to pull up information on King Louis XIV. How he meet Catherine De Medici and how she influence him in advance the art of dancing. Now that you all have had a history lesson.
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Painting toes

*curls up in bed*

Ickie! My sleeping paten is so off. I got two hours sleep before my 8am class. I felt so exhausted that I did not even make it to math class. I was sleeping until the door bell rang.

Gets up and walks to the door.
"Huh? .. umm... hello"
Looks though the door hole thingy. ^.^'
It is the bug man. Opens the door.
"Yes" Looks all disheveled.
Bug man: "Sorry, to have woke you up."
"Oh, it is ok."
Shows him in. *yawns*

To some it all up, he told me all about how ants were descendants of wasps, and the reason why fire ants hurt when they bit you. It is because they still have their stinger. Sugar ants have to keep their colony wet so that it does not dry up and that they live around sinks.
Let me tell you I learn something new every day even if I just wanted to learn what the back of my eye lids look like. : P

Right after me and Kit left dance class (8am class), we went to the fabric store and got things for are costumes. Kit is going to cosplay Haruko from F.L.C.L.. She got the cloth. It is going to look great!! I can't wait to see it done! ^.^

I'm going to maybe go and read a book in the bath. ~Relaxing~

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