February 12th, 2004

Painting toes

♥ What a Breezy day ♥

Nice Day and Nice wind + Friends and Food = Picnic

Right after school, when I walked in to the door Kit was like we are going on a picnic because it is such a nice day. I was like Great!! WE all gathered up and when to get food and ELLL! ^_^ lily_faust, tsukichan, himoki, and me all eat and just hang outside. It was so nice the wind, the sun, and even the rain. *sparkles* ♥ Oh it was Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Kitty and I climb a tree. She went all the way to the other side; I did not think I could make it so I stayed on the comfortable branch. ^_^ I was funny looking because I had to make my skirt look like shorts. It was all good and fun! *give everyone visual aid*

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