February 18th, 2004

Painting toes

A salad is something you eat, not call a friend. :P

That is an icon that my great, wonderful, loves me a lot friend himoki made me. It shows that she really loves me. Most friends get a hug, but I get an icon of a salamander named Salad. It’s greatly appreciated even if I don’t want in on my icon page. I love you anyways. Thanks ELL!

I have come to an understanding, after L and R argue like a married couple it is follow up lets pick on Emmaly section. I know that it is a sign of love and that one El its Happy. *shacks head* got to love my friends. I just find it funny to think and watch. ^_^

On other news, were you lack the talent, I do well. Were I lack the talent, you do well. I guess this is how it goes. I can sow a strait line, but I can’t make the pleats in my skirt work in to place evenly. *sighs* My mom could/can make a patron and fallow it for any costume or out fit. You name it and make it look right, but she could not sow to well she always had a difficult time with it. See I can sow but can’t work with a patron at all. ^.^’’ What a pair it’s to bad we don’t get along when it comes to cosplay outfits. It is all good though! On a happier note, I found this really cool site were I can order it all! (Laziness takes in). It even has the right amount of pockets. *jumps up and down* It is really expensive though. So, I figured that I should not make the winter out fit torn and just make the summer shirt and skirt ripped up. ^_^ I have a great idea about ironing on the school crest! It is all thanks to Katha! sociokath, I was looking at your cosplay form nadisco and I was thinking how you got that on because it looked so nicely done. ^_^

*feels guilty* I’m sorry for not posting really I am. I just have been feeling sick and … well I just have not been in the right mood to post. Why am I posting now? The guilt has finally got to me and I feel that I have to post before my nap in-between classes. LOOK!! I’m posting. *LJ smiles evilly*

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