February 20th, 2004

Painting toes

~wind blows~ *Shivers* ~sun beams~ *bakes*

Today was good day. The weather was a bit cold, but nice. On the way home from math class, I had all the windows and the sun roof down blasting the Footloose soundtrack down the road. It was great! I started to clean my room up some more. Like getting rid of some of the boxes left from moving.

Later on in the day, Laura and I when out to run errands. We went to my house to call Antioch up for me to see what was going oh and Laura to tell them about moving her expectance to the fall. I hope it all works, though I don’t have much confidence that they will call me back. They never do. *sighs*

Ah, I have homework what fun! I should get to doing it. I think I will watch Shakespeare in Love while doing all the slope and equation thingies.

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