February 22nd, 2004

Painting toes

Orchestra times two

In the past two days, I have attended two orchestra’s concertos, the University Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra. I went with himoki,tsukichan, and chefkatsuya to the university orchestra. Rachel, Laura, Michele, and Rachel’s mother all went to the national orchestra. Both of them were very good! I can really understand why Rachel likes them so much! It really is an inspiring thing, but I don’t (wished I did) have the passion that she has for the orchestra. I looked over at her and she was the sun beaming in all its glory. That was really great! ELLLLLLLLL love the Orchestra. Let me count the ways “One Conductor, Two Concertmaster, Three Conductor and Concertmaster”. : P(sorry, if you don’t get it) LoL.

Anywayz, after the concerto at the university, we all went to Michele’s apartment and watched Princess Tutu! OH, it is Supper cute and really cool. The plot is really cute about stories and a prince without a heart and ballet and… and! Yah, you get the point. We also ordered pizza and had to doge the zombies outside her apartment. There was also to zombies fighting that we watched by stinking are heads out the door, darkfaeryqueen, Michele’s roommate, was there too. All of us were trying to get L-chan to eat this piece of bread stick that she wanted. It was lots of fun! ^_^
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