February 27th, 2004

Painting toes

The Weekend is here!!!!!!

Yahooooo! I finished my math test!!! It took like forever!!!

Okies, list of things to do this weekend:
{}my room
[]Studie for my midturm in math.
[]wash cloths
[]play video games
[]watch TV & movies

I think I got the TV and video games down. I will most defantaly have to go and work on the others, expeashly the studie part. I'm just not good at math. Why can't they understand that.

It is almost 6pm!!! I have to go and make dinner!! We are having Stakie, mashed potatos, and corn on the cob! ^_^ Yummm~ well, not the stake.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< never mind. No one cares! I'm not making any thing any more! I asked if that is what they want they say that is fine then leave and go and eat somewere else. _._
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