February 29th, 2004

Painting toes


I really wish i did not have a head at this very moment in time.
Yes, to have ones head removed seams very painful and kind of disgusting, yet when one is in as much pain as I then one would have to ask for it as quickly as possible!!

I know all of you that read this are going what is she talking about! I will tell you in many words. Pain, ace, head, eyes, hurt, AHHHHHHHHHHH. I think that sums it up. I could go on, but it's just to painful to think of more words. Oh, how it sucks to have a headache.

Okies, to more important or least important things. Seeing that the most is really my headache to me and to my events of the day to you or maybe not of any more importance. Lets see... watched Steel Angel Kurumi♡, sleep in to about, oh, 3pm, got GISELLE tICkIts, got two long waited cdes, beat Ronnie in another game of chest (he will never learn), and hung out with rACh, kIt, and RaYm. It was lots of fun!♡

I almost forgot rAcH and I wERe talKIng In tHe CAr aBoUT how it need To gO in and then, oN tHE waY HoMe aLL oF thIS rANdoM LigHts came on it was awFull. I blame you RACH!!!!!!!!!!!:( Why now, I have so much to do and now this. I don't want to have to have kit take me to class!!! I have to wash my laundry and spend time with my Mealliell(mom). _._ I have not even started studying for my math Exam! SPring Break starts next week! What to do were to go!!! *falls over*

Now that my job is done: I PosTEd! I'm going to go to bed. Hope that I don't wake up with this headache and that the car fixed itself.

~~~~Oyasumi nasai~~~~
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