March 15th, 2004

Painting toes

Um…Can I get an extension on Spring break, please with sugar on top?!

The past weeks events, late Thursday night Raym, Ell, kit and I traveled to Tampa. We went to Bush Gardens and the Renaissance fair before returning home late Saturday. The problem I had with this trip was that I tried not to pack too much and was missing a shoe and a CD player did not pack any real warm cloths. I though I would be a bit cold all weekend, boy was I wrong. At Bush Gardens I went on almost all of the roller costars at least once. Oh how being thoughts at high speeds and going up and down not knowing what to expect is awful. I still think that roller costars are a touchier device. Ah yes, the fair, it was nice a little too hot for words. I did get a necklace and this cool book. ^-^ The fair was much bigger thin the one they have here every year. It was fun never the less.

I have to go to math soon. ^_^ Oh ya, I finished the last DVD to Haibane-renmeit was awfully sad, but toughing. I really like it I’m going to watch it strait though after calls today! *Bounces* I also got the last DVD to SomeDay’s Dreamer! I can’t wait to see that, but I will wait for Kit and Raym to see it and Rach if she wants. ^_^

I finished my Chise hair backs! They are drying then I will put them on the wig and that part is done! ♡

Off to class *waves*♡
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