March 25th, 2004

Painting toes

I don't want to clean!

Some people are coming to inspect the apartments tomorrow or the next day.! I really don't want to clean, so they are just going to have to excuse the miss!

Good news, one Apollo is at me feed sleeping on her back "oh, baby Apollo", and secondly there is no school on Friday! I think that is a time for celebration.

Anyways, me and the new iron are not getting along. I guess i put it to high because when I was ironing my 3 pelleted skirts I some how manged to lightly burn the tops of my right hands 3 fingers. ;.; I USE MY RIGHT hand for everything... It hurts to type but I rapped them so it is a little better! ^_^

*yawns I think i might head off to bed. ^_^ That is all, there isn't any more.
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