March 27th, 2004

Painting toes

♡ Oh, what a Day! ♡

Yesterday, I like spent the whole day on the phone to Billy! ♡ What a great day. It almost feels like a dream and I just woke up. I think it has something to do from not hearing me for so long.

This is a Im message between Rach and me last night. I was on nexus(an online RPG) Helping him smelt ore.

Me: beast EL
Me: I have a Question. what should I do about the Zombie that is in my front room. that use to be Kit.?
Rach: um...leave her be?
Me: lol. what if she attacts me!
Rach: it would be for the best
Me: ;.; why do you say that.
Rach: well, if she attacked you, you would become a zombie too, and really, a nexus slave working for billy, and a zombie wandering the halls of your apartment...i dunno, it's about the same either way. ^_^

ElEL you beast! Kity is a zombie!!!!!!!!!!!! With her video games. She will master all of then in a day! It's really Super scary! Kit! ♡

What to do today, Ummmm eat, then maybe clean. I might be going to Ronnies house to beat him in Video games! :P hahaha

Well, I think I will be off to do some cleaning! I think I'm always cleaning! One day I should have it done. :P
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