March 29th, 2004

Painting toes


Ugh. I have a math Quiz tomorrow. I kind of get it I hope I can pass it because the drop day was today. I have to pass it!! *sighs* Math...

There are so movies I want to go and see. Let’s see...*looks around for her list* umm... Ah...Here it's
1) The Prince & Me - April 2ed!
2) Ella Enchanted - April 9th!
3) Kill Bill part2 - April 16!
4) This like of end of the world movie but I can't remember the title. -.-

I did find Anna and the King soundtrack! Waii waii ♡ It is so Great. It's very relaxing. I went looking all over this side of town for it yesterday and could not find it, so Kit and I went to fye in the mall. There is was one copy just for me or I rather like to think it was. ^-^ ♡♡

We almost had forgotten about Sara's movie, but we remembered just in time and got to Ell's house as she was calling use, perfect timing. hehe! Other than feeling complete dizziness and height senses it was great. I think some of it has to do about over stressing and over doing it. Not to mention, I could not get to sleep last night and I'm not sure why.

Anyways, He is a great conversation about how Ell steals people ACs and I got a hug.♡♡♡♡♡♡

Me: what are you up to?
Ell: livejournal
Me: lol. Finding any thing interesting?
Ell: Nah. i'm also watching the news because mom left it on -.-
Me: what is going on in the news?
Ell: someone is stealing people's ariconditioners ^_^;;
Me: lol! It is you huh
Ell: oh most definitely
Me: lol
Ell: ::steals emmaly's::
Me: haha! Never. Puts kity out side next to the Airconditioners.
Me: Never mind. she would sleep though it .
Me: um... Zombie guards.
Me: you can never have my Airconditioner! :P
Ell: LOL
Ell: ::Hugs emmaly::
Me: *Smiles as Ell hugs me*
Me: <3

Well, it’s early and late, I think I will be off to studding and then strait to bed. Night all ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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