April 19th, 2004

Painting toes

One down and Two to go!

Hehe, I passed my 1st of 3 math finals! *bounces* I got a C. It's not good, but hay it is passing! Not there is one tomorrow and Saturday at 10:30am!!! That is way to early to do math. Oh well. ^-^

SCHOOL is all most over!!!! ♡ It will be as of Saturday for me!! *bounces*

In costuming news, I have almost finished the pink skirt for Princess Tutu.

Well, off to make some lunch. Oh ya, earlier today I though it would be nice to have some Cinnamon buns. The oven and fire alarm though other wise. The min. I opened the oven to pull the buns out, th LOUD fire alarm went off.(i was thinking we did not have one until today.) I would not stop!!!! I just wanted to bet it up with a hammer. Kit to save the day waved her pillow and it stopped!

Okies, I must get food now! J~
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