April 22nd, 2004

Painting toes

*sigh of relief*

Well, yesterday I was bummed because I got a call from my math teacher, which means I did bad on my Common Final. Ugh. >.< But I could come in after class today and take another one and if I did well I could take my State Exit exam! I briefly studied before class so that I could at least act like I knew what I was doing. :P Anyways, the point is I passed the second test/final thing. *bounces* Now on to the State Exit!! I can do it!! ^_^

I improved on my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck! Look out Rach and Laura! No more beating me! :P (Okies, really you two will probably bet me, but I will go down healing and screaming.:P)

Hehe, lol off to eat and maybe clean my room. Ja~
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