May 5th, 2004

Painting toes

Whoa! one to many Bees!!!!!!!!!!! >.

There is a Bee in my bathroom! How did it get in?!?!?! Runs!! I don't like Bees! I have it looked up with the door closed! I wonder if it will just disappear as it has appeared! *shivers* WERE are the Bees coming from this is the second I have had randomly in my room! What to do want to do!!! >.< I just want it to go away!!!!! *runs around with out a purpose*

What am I doing Up!! I should be asleep! I went to bed at like ..umm.. 7 or 8 am!! I got up at noon! -.- I feel very productive! I think i might clean the house!! ^_^

Peter Pan came out yesterday!! It was such a good movie! ♡
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    Cinderella -- A Drean Is a whish your heart makes
Painting toes

WHy ME!!!!!!!!

The Bee It wont go away!!! Not is is lost some were in between my closet and my bathroom!!! I want it gone. I turned off all the light and opened the glass door and hope it would just fly out! NO NO! It has to be difficult, so I throw things at the bathroom maybe to stir it up, and I throw my shoe and it went in the toilet! _._ I won't it to leave!!! I just want it gone!

I HATE BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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