June 17th, 2004

Painting toes

Sunday cones and Brownies

Oh, Let me tell you all about the frog and cricket orchestra that would not stop to let me sleep last night. I love the rain. but not the noise that comes after it. There loud sound in the night were extra loud, so loud i had to end up sleeping with a pillow over my head to drowned out the sound! It was like sleeping in the middle of the swomp!!!!! Sleep was almost hopeless, but I did get to sleep late or rather early in the morning. I did my landry, clean some of my room, and cleaned out most of my mp3 files! So much work that is done! ^-^

I also put most of Sailor Moon Live Action on to CD. I missing 24, 25, 26 and everything after 29! ^-^ hehe I was reading that so far there is only 32 and more is coming! From what is see they kind of stick to the same plot line and the change it in others. I kind of wish that they will change it all or do the same. Oh well.

ELLLLLLSON!! I made your CD for you!! It has some thing extra! Hope you like it!!♡♡♡♡

Sounds like i will be able to get some sleep to night! ♡♡♡
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