June 22nd, 2004

Painting toes

hehe! ^_^

Let me tell you I have been playing Online RPGs almost all day (I cleaned my room a little :P). Ragnarock Online, Dark Ages, and Nexus!!!! I love them all!! ♡
Ragnarock-Umm, it's SO~~~ K A W A I I !!!! I played it once when it was in bata!! Oh, it is geat to be able to play it again for alittle while. ♡ It reminds me of a lot of PS2 computer games. There are really cute monsters and you can make then your PET!!! The hats are so cute... The Beautiful sceanery... It's oh so nice. You can make your own arrows and create your own potions. If Ragnarocks towns were real then you would have to walk or something, so the walking ever-where is not that bad. Unless... you go exploring and then save in some random town and can't get out because you are cased but some rab wolves that end up running right by you and then you look the other way and Bigfoot bits your feet off... -.-

Dark Ages-Kind of like Nexus. Lots of clothing to wear! It's Completely RPG... that is kind of the hard part about this. _._ There're carnival, and Balls, were everyone dresses up!! It's fighting is kind of like Ragnarock. There're lot of different city. You have to take a boat to get to some of them, and the Best part is there is a World map you go to when traveling!! Hehe, walking is great but going to a make and skipping all the walking is good, too!!

Nexus-There really is not much to say about it other than 'Good old Nexus'!! I love that game really. I have a 99+ Poet!! I have worked really hard on her.. Ther is noting really to do on there at this time. No events or people, I want to hang out there with... Hehe, The people are cute. it is really easy to play! The graphic have really improved!! I think i will always love Nexus.

^_^, It's really quit here. No one is home but me. Oh well, off to play some more online games!! hehe

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