June 30th, 2004

Painting toes

Evil peaple #1

The maintenance men!!!

They come in your house with out telling you. They never say oh we are going to be at your house at this time to change the tub knobs!

I was sleeping so nicely this morning when my bedroom door opened thinking it was raym wanting to see it is was going with Rach and her today... BUT... bo the next moment it was a LOUD nock on my bedroom door. It was a maintenance man, so that means that he opened it up and saw I was in there then nocked!! I was in my PJ but not very good ones. I white better that was grey and a pair of hello kitty shorts and my room was a miss... I let him and went back to bed, but now that I think about it how embarrassing!

I think they should have called or let a note saying that they were changing the bathroom knobs!!!
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