July 6th, 2004

Painting toes

Bouncing Bunnys! What I have been up to!

On the 3rd Rach, Laura, and I went to the Fanfare and Fireworks at citizens field and watched the fireworks there as an early 4th of July thing. Then Rach came up with the idea to go find more fireworks on the 4th. We end up at the bay of Tampa and watch the fireworks explode there. It was really cool minus I my neck was in pain and the sound of the fireworks felt like I was having a heart attack. (Never had one but I’m sure that is what it would feel like) I really love Fireworks though! They ling up the sky with color and look like sparkles!!

Today, I have been Downloading Sailor Moon Live Action CDs! Well, downloaded most of the Sailor Moon Live Action music and 2 of the CDs, DJ Moon, had about 1/2 of the tracks Drama tracks. While lessoning to it made me really happy to be able to understand some of what was being said and even if I didn't understand it. I kind of feel that I did! ^_^ Hehe, It gives me hope that I will one day be able to grasp Japanese’s Language. ^-^

Oh yaw, it was nice Rach, Laura, and I went to Borders and I got Alice 19th vol.5! *Jumps up and down* Then we went to Mods and had Sweets and talked!! I think Billy is a 6! hehe ^-^'
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