August 10th, 2004

Painting toes

Hi-die Hooooooooo! ^^

Lets see!!♡

I went this weekend to AFO. Lut, Kit, Michele, and I drove up Friday afternoon to Orlando. We got to the hotel and found out it was like a little apartment complex. There was lots of little buildings and you could not just walk down to the con.. We all off loaded the car. Then Kit and I were off to pick up Katha and Abel at the airport. We got then and then got lost getting back and almost ran out of change to get back to the hotel. o.o'' oops. hehe. The traffic was really bad in Orlando.. _._ Latter on that night we went to this really cool Japanese restaurant! It had a stage in the middle of a mini lake with fishes in it. When you walked in to it the layout and design was very inviting and all along the left(front) of the restaurant was windows from the floor to the roof. It was really cool!!! Saterday... I got everyone up really early to go and get bages... oops. I forgot that is was not that big of a con. and would not have to sit in line for along time. Gomen! Lut, Kit, and I got up anyways. There did not seam to be a lot of cosplayers there. I did find like 3 other Misha (Pita-ten) cosplayers besides me there. At the dealers room there was like a lot of random idem. It was really great, but we got stuck in the convention center becuase it was raining really bad. That was so boring. It all turned out good. Abel went and got the car in the rain then we made wonderful plains to go to this super good Italian restaurant. The down fault was loud drunk people at the other table and the evil accordion player. The great points we got roses ♡, the chicken was eatable, and we got to ride in a limo! After wards we all met up with Michele's friend Misha. hehe. He took us to this okies club. I would have got lost if I had to find this place on my own. It was lots of fun we all boogied down to some 80's music. Went back to the hotel and saw Katha and Abel off to the airport! Sunday we went home!

Today, I have been cleaning my room ever since I got up. I made a big dent in the job!! I hope I can get it done soon. I like having a clean room. Even a nearly clean room would make me happy! ♡
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