September 11th, 2004

Painting toes

Life thus far

I'm here at Antioch college to learn until I can't any more. The peaceful campus that can randomly be turned in to a crazy party in a matter of sec. Anyways the important stuff, I'm for the most part enjoying dorm life. My roommet is really nice and sweet. She can be a little needy, but that is okies she has never been away from her parents. I now mush tell you the joys of the first todays of class.
Writing skills workshop is my only Tuesday, Thursday class. I have it with Lut, Betty (roomie), and Ryan. I always have to take English classes,-.- but it's okies because so many people I know is in that class. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and some classes, I have Math 100 at 9 am with Rach and sometimes Lut, ♡♡ Intor to Japanese with Lut, Rach, Katha, and Nick(I think he is in my dorm ^^;;), Intro to Antioch which I really want to drop, and not on Fridays we have Ballet 1 it's really cool.

Intro to japanese was lots of fun, but I had a really had time pronounsing things right. OH, well I'm sure I will get the hang of it! ^_^v Ballet was very hard on my lags and arms. They are still hurting. I'm out of shape!! I went to class and was the only Ballet 1 student. Everyone had already had the class a head of me. oh well ^^

Look who just came by and quickly left Ryan. Nothing interesting here. Anyways, I will put pictures of my dorm room in my next post! ^^

I hope everyone in G-ville is okies! I miss you all so much! ♡

Ja for now!

P.s. it's 9/11, Kit reminded me. ♡ Kit *scweazes*
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