September 20th, 2004

Painting toes

Now to the right!

I'm back at the computer lab once again. Today, has been rather peachie. I skipped Antioch 101 and there was only two people in my Ballet class! <3 ^^ There're people in the lab not completely alone. It's still really cold in the lab. Ummmm. I wish I was outside. Oh, how much better it would be. I have been really inspired to re do my LJ icons, but because of the travesty, I'm incapable of doing that at this time. When I'm able to I hope I'm just as inspired! Oh OH!! Guess what! Me, Julie, Cody, and others form are dorm decorated the commen cooking room last night! ^^ It looks like a kindergarten class's art project. lol I'm s sleepy! ZzZZ zzzz ZZZzzzz ZZ *falls asleep at the keyboard* hahaha ^^ Okies, oh well, I'm rather boring at the moment can't think of much to say.. UMM.. Ballet class would be much better if KIT was there!!! 0.0 hehehe Right Kitling?!?!?!?!!!! Ya, I know I'm right. hehe ~~ ~~COLD~~~~ It's so COLD!!! WTF!!! I'm going to sit here and freeze, so if you can't find me you know were I am.... >.
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